How to communicate wirelessly with your controller?


There are two ways to create a network between devices, one of them depends on wires and the other one does not depend. The first is called “Wired Network” and the second is called “Wireless Network”.
Both of them carries the signal but there are differences between them. Wired network is faster, easier to be secured and construct but contains wires and not compatible with new devices such as mobile phones. Wireless network has no wires and compatible with new devices but consume more power to transmit and receive signals, complicated to setup and secure.
wiredVwireless._V156421205_(Image source: Link)
To create a wireless network there are different modules to use, all are used to transmit and receive data but differ in the used protocols and speed. In this article, we will discuss three types:

WIFI – ESP8266 Module

esp8266-wifi-module-2846-esp8266-228x228(Image source: Link)
  • Is a high performance low cost WIFI module.
  • Implements the TCP/IP protocol stack and uses 802.11 b/g/n protocol.
  • Depends on the UART serial communication of the controller.
  • The processor has the ability to manage the power and on-board sensors such as temperature sensor.

Bluetooth – HC05 Module

hc-05(Image source: Link)
  • Is a famous serial port Bluetooth module.
  • Has a frequency of 2.4 GHz radio transceiver
  • Depends on the UART serial communication of the controller.

ZigBee (Xbee) Module

xbee-and-xbee-pro-zigbee-modules(Image source: Link)
  • Is a suite of high-level communication protocols.
  • Is useful to create a large distance network up to a kilometer or more.
  • Has a frequency of 2.4 GHz.
  • Uses authentication and encrypts data with 128 bit symmetric encryption keys.

Which to choose?

Depending on your application, which distance and speed is required
From the distance point of view: If you need distance less than 10m then Bluetooth is useful, but if the distance is more than 10m and less than about 100m then WIFI is useful, if the distance is more than this value up to a kilometer then ZigBees is used.
From the transmission speed point of view: WIFI is faster than Bluetooth and ZigBees and Bluetooth is faster than ZigBees
There are different parameters to compare which module to use such as number of nodes in the network, security, encryption, cost, ability to extend, control complexity, etc…

Comparison No. 1

RW-tabellaComparativa(Image source: Link)

Comparison No.2

table062810(Image source: Link)

Comparison No.3

table(Image source: Link)


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